Travel and work Opportunities with Scotia Personnel

Scotia Personnel Ltd. is a Canadian company that has been in business over thirty years. Scotia Personnel Ltd in conjunction with its overseas partners, provides a spectrum of personnel services, educational opportunities, job opportunities and cultural exchange opportunities, nationally and/or internationally.

Au pair Opportunities

Aupair Opportunities

Au pair opportunities for young people throughout the world!

Tutoring or Teaching English

Teach or Tutoring English

Teaching or Tutoring English language overseas.


International Hotel Positions

International employment opportunities in the hotel hospitality field.

Summer Camp

Summer Camps

Summer Camps working with children in the United States and select countries in Europe.



In-Home care solutions for families with childcare needs



In–Home care solutions for families – eldercare and care for the physically and/or mentally challenged.

Take a Gap Year Abroad! A gap year can be taken at anytime – after high school and before or after university. Gap year programs can be done over a full year or more, a semester, or even as short as a month.



Testimonials from people who have participated in our programs!

“Scotia Personnel Ltd. helped me experience a life-altering experience that has helped shape my dreams into realities.”

Chantel B.

“I was in Korea for a year…Scotia Personnel went above and beyond to help me with anything and everything I needed before I left. I live in Canada and my passport is U.K. so I had some complicated visa issues and Scotia Personnel took care of each issue that came up. My placement was exactly what I wanted and the experience was overall truly amazing. If your thinking about teaching overseas don’t hesitate, take the opportunity while you can, and go with Scotia Personnel to place you. You will not regret it!”

Paul M.

“I could talk for days about my experience with Scotia Personnel but I think the best way to describe it would be; the most life changing, epic, adventurous experience I have ever had in my life. An experience where I was able to make life long friends and a life long partner and I cannot thank Scotia Personnel & Marilyn enough.”

Whitney M.

“Au pairing enabled me to grow so much as a person. I became more sociable and adventurous, I can’t imagine not having my experiences to share with people”

Katie D.

“I went to Sydney, Australia… to be an au pair and I had the time of my life! Thanks to Scotia Personnel for everything they did to ensure that I met a great family and that my transition went smoothly. I recommend that everyone take a year to explore the world and meet amazing new people! I left my ? in Sydney.”

Caroline A.

“Moving abroad is the most liberating thing I have ever done. Visiting a country is great but living in a different culture is mind blowing. I’m never bored…I think everyone should do something like this at least once in their lifetime.”

Danya N.

“My experience abroad had such a positive effect on my life. I recommend everyone should take part in the amazing opportunities Scotia personnel has to offer”

Molly D.

“I was an au pair in Auckland, NZ for adorable 18 month old twins! It was an amazing experience – New Zealand is such a beautiful country! Scotia Personnel worked with the agency I was going to work for, Au Pair Link, to make sure my transition was smooth – thanks!”

Karly E.

See additional testimonials and comments of people who have participated in our various programs:

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