Spend an exciting year living in the USA with Au Pair in America!

  • Gain valuable childcare experience
  • Study something new
  • Explore the real USA
  • Make lifelong friends
Interested in caring for children? Interested in Travel? If yes, this is the program for you!
‘Au pair’ means ‘on par’ or equal. Au pairs are international visitors who travel to the United States on a J-1 Visitor Exchange Visa to acquire a better understanding and appreciation of American life while living with an American family and caring for their young children.

aupair_usaParticipating as an au pair in the Au pair in America program is one of the best ways to discover the US. You experience everyday life with a carefully selected American family and earn weekly pocket money by providing childcare as an au pair.

Au pairs are international visitors who, on a J-1 Visitor Exchange visa, live with an American family of their choice for a minimum of 12 months whilst caring for their children.

If you meet all of our program requirements, then register by clicking on the ‘Apply Now’ button!  If you currently do not meet all of the program requirements, then contact Scotia Personnel to discuss what you need to do to obtain the missing requirements.

This program give you plenty of free time to explore, study, travel and make new friends – plus you have support throughout your stay.

The US is a great and diverse country with so much to see and experience!

The following is an example of a benefit package that will be offered to you during your one-year stay in the USA:Au pairs


  • Room and board provided
  • Weekly pocket money**
  • 4 Day Orientation near New York City (airfare, hotel and meals provided)
  • Tuition allowance US $500.00 provided
  • Flight included
  • Medical.

**Note: The minimum weekly stipend is calculated by the U.S. Department of State after accounting for costs associated with weekly room and board. Host families and au pairs are free to agree to compensation higher than the legally applicable minimum.

Applicants must meet the following qualifications:


  • Be aged 18 to 26 years oldLas Vegas Au apir in America
  • Hold a valid driver’s license
  • Have at least 200 hours recent, practical childcare experience, such as regular babysitting for non-family members, helping at a local school, youth group, etc; your local interviewer can help you in classifying your experience
  • In order to care for children under 2 years old, the 200 hours experience must be with children under 2
  • Have completed your secondary education ( High School )
  • Speak English
  • Not have a criminal record and be able to provide a police record check or certificate of good conduct
  • Agree to the programme’s code of conduct and rules
  • Agree to a full years commitment
  • Not have previously participated in an au pair programme to the USA.

For those individuals with an Early Childhood Education (ECE), a Bachelor of Education degree, etc., the Au pair Extraordinaire programme is available, This programme is the same as the Aupair programme outlined above, with the exception of an increased weekly pocket money allowance.

Au Pair & Baby on grass Because every host family is different, your daily schedule will be varied. It will depend a lot on the ages and needs of the children you are caring for and the individual requirements of your host family.


As an au pair your responsibilities are centred on the children and you won’t be expected to do heavy housework.

If the children in your family go to school then your schedule will work around those hours. If you’re caring for babies or younger children then your routine will probably be more fixed.

Not one day will be the same!  That’s the great thing about caring for children and living in an amazing country with so many opportunities to travel and explore!

A day in the life of an au pair might include:

  • Waking the children up
  • Dressing, bathing and playing with them
  • Preparing their meals
  • Making their beds and doing the children’s laundry
  • Driving them to and from school or after school activities, play dates etc.
  • Tidying up after them
  • Helping them with homework
  • Babysitting some evenings if the parents are out
  • Being their friend and having fun!
  • Sharing your own culture through songs, games, stories, cooking etc!


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