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Experience the Australian Spirit: Au Pair for a Cultural Exchange Down Under!

As an au pair in Australia, you become part of a vibrant cultural exchange program. Embrace the role of a caring ‘big sister’ or ‘brother’ to the children in your Australian host family, immersing yourself in their daily lives and truly living like a local. Australian families are known for their open-heartedness, generosity, and warm welcome to newcomers like you. They are passionate about sharing their country’s wonders and showing you the best of what Australia has to offer.

In Australia, children are encouraged to be active and spend time outdoors. Weekends often revolve around exciting sporting events where families come together for fun-filled days. With spacious homes, it’s common for kids to have friends over for playdates, sleepovers, and pool parties, fostering a lively and social atmosphere. Australian culture thrives on sociability, with informal barbecues and community events providing frequent opportunities for people to come together and connect. There is always something happening, ensuring a vibrant and dynamic environment.

Australia’s allure lies in its stunning beaches, unique wildlife, bustling shops and cafes, and serene city parks. The sun-drenched climate invites you to relax and enjoy the company of friends, creating unforgettable memories under the radiant sunshine. From breathtaking coastal landscapes to captivating wildlife encounters, Australia offers a wealth of extraordinary experiences that will leave you in awe.

Embrace the spirit of the Australian way of life as an au pair, where cultural exchange, natural beauty, and cherished connections await you. Discover the magic of Australia’s beaches, embrace the friendly local communities, and soak up the sunshine while forging lifelong friendships. Your Australian au pair adventure promises to be a remarkable experience filled with endless possibilities and unforgettable moments.

Position details vary depending on the needs of individual families; the norm for work hours is a range of 30-35 hours per week, usually with two days off per week. Usual salary range is approximately Aus $170 to $255 per week. Stays of 6 to 12 months are available; shorter stays are occasionally available as well. (Before accepting a position you would have the opportunity to communicate with interested host families directly, and read any written material regarding their position. You would have the choice to accept or decline any position you wish. ) Because every host family is different, your daily schedule will be varied. It will depend a lot on the ages and needs of the children you are caring for and the individual requirements of your host family. As an au pair your responsibilities are centred on the children and you won’t be expected to do heavy housework. You will work approximately 35 per week, so still plenty of time off to relax and spend time with friends exploring your local area. We will put you in touch with other Au pairs in your area and in many capital cities we organise regular social events.

Typical duties will include:

  • Waking the children up
  • Dressing, bathing and playtime
  • Preparing their meals
  • Making their beds and doing the children’s laundry
  • School runs, after school activities, play dates etc.
  • Tidying up after them
  • Helping with homework
  • Babysitting some evenings if the parents are out
  • Being their friend and having fun!
  • Sharing your own culture through songs, games


Application Requirements – Applicants must:

  • Aged 18 – 35
  • Be flexible, friendly and open minded
  • Be happy to help with childcare and light housework, usually 30-35 hours per week
  • Able to be au pair for a minimum period of 6 months
  • No criminal record
  • Have a driver’s license (preferred but not essential)
  • Be a non-smoker

Your Application

To start your adventure, request and complete the application forms. The following forms are required:

  • Completed application form
  • Photocopy of your passport.
  • Dear Host Family letter (should include your hobbies, activities, family background, childcare experience, any special sports, musical, or arts & crafts talents, etc.)
  • At least two references – preferably childcare
  • Photo(s) of yourself. (Professional pictures or those with children, family members etc. are best.)
  • Criminal record check (contact your local police station).
  • Medical check (just a note from your doctor, stating you are in good health).
  • Photocopy of any school or training certificates
  • Photocopy of any First Aid certificate
  • It is also beneficial if you have a driver’s license, or an international driver’s license (but not required).

Your chosen host family will be curious to learn to about your background and life at home. Please complete your forms as fully as possibly.