When traveling internationally it’s always advantageous to receive services such as flights, ATM, SIM cards, tax refunds etc., at a lower fare/cost when provided. A brief overview of these services and links are provided for your convenience.


Income Tax refunds through Taxback.com

Have you worked abroad?

If so whether you’re still overseas or back home, you can claim your tax refund!

Taxback.com will provide you with a FREE refund estimation, do ALL the paperwork and make sure that you get the maximum tax refund legally possible.

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What’s the Deal with UK taxes?

Living and working in the United Kingdom comes with certain obligations and one of them is paying tax on your income. The upside to this is that most foreign workers can get a refund of the tax they overpaid while working there!

Am I eligible for a tax rebate?

You could qualify for a UK tax refund if:
• You arrive or leave the UK during the tax year
• You work less than the full tax year
• You’ve had more than one job in the tax year
• You’re a student working in the holidays

How do I get my UK tax rebate?

Taxback.com has been helping thousands of people claim tax back from the UK and all over the world since 1996 in a hassle-free and easy process. Their team of highly qualified experts will take care of the entire application process for you, ensuring you get the maximum refund possible.
Simply fill in the green registration form below to get started.

Why choose Taxback.com?

  • You get a FREE estimate of your tax rebate
  • You pay nothing upfront
  • You’re guaranteed full tax compliance
  • You’ll get your rebate straight to your bank account
  • You have a friendly team of tax experts 24/7
  • You can get assistance with your tax affairs as well!
Australia - Taxback.com

Tax in Australia

When you work in Australia, you’ll pay between 19% and 32.5% tax on your income. The good news is that if you stay in the country for more than 183 days, you could be due to claim a refund of the tax you paid at the higher rate.
Taxback.com can help you get this tax back, hassle-free, and they’ll do all the paperwork! Their team of tax experts helps thousands of foreign workers in Australia file tax returns and get their OZ tax back. With 20 years’ experience, they are dedicated to taking the hassle out of tax filing and will get you the highest refund you’re due.

How do I get my tax back?

To claim your Australian tax back,Simply fill in the green registration form below to get started.
No hassle or paperwork for you!

Why choose Taxback.com?

  • Free, no-obligation estimate of your tax refund
  • You pay nothing upfront
  • You’ll be fully tax compliant
  • You receive your refund straight to your bank account
  • You’ll have a friendly team of tax experts 24/7
  • You can request assistance with your tax refund too!

Prepaid MoneyCards from Taxback.com

There are countless things you should carry with you when traveling around Europe, and one of them is Our Prepaid MoneyCard – the smart and easy way to pay for things while you’re abroad.There’s no limit to the amount of cards you can own either, so if you need pounds on one MoneyCard for traveling on the London Underground, and another one filled with Euros for roaming around Rome, you easily can get both.
And guess what? You don’t need a killer credit rating to get one, and unlike a credit card, you can:

  • load the card before you go to the UK or Europe – better exchange rates then using traditional banking system
  • control the amount of money you put on it and spend
  • use it wherever you see the MasterCard symbol in store, online or at ATM’s
  • get paid wages on to your card
  • check your balance via SMS
  • see your transactions online
  • withdraw cash from ATM’s

To get one, all you have to do is:

Register here

  • Choose the European Prepaid MoneyCard (£ /Euros)
  • Buy the card for just $20
  • Get your card by mail
  • Spend on whatever you want

Don’t leave it until the last minute to get your Prepaid MoneyCard!

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