Embrace the Joie de Vivre: Au Pair in France for Unforgettable Memories!

The term “au pair” originates from the French words ‘at par’, emphasizing the principle of equality. In this context, the au pair is welcomed as an equal member of the family, cherished and embraced with open arms.

As an au pair in France, you will have the extraordinary opportunity to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of French traditions, cuisine, and language. From savoring delectable croissants and experiencing the elegance of Paris to exploring picturesque villages and historic landmarks, France offers a rich tapestry of cultural treasures to discover.

By embracing the role of an au pair, you become more than just a caregiver – you will build lifelong connections and form a second family. You will have the chance to share your own cultural heritage, language, and customs with your French host family, while eagerly learning and embracing the unique French way of life.

Three options possible

‘Au Pair Classique’: maximum of 30 hours per week, Pocket money of 320 Euros per month plus a Transport card. May be asked to babysit 2-3 evenings per week.

‘Au Pair Plus’: maximum of 35 hours per week, Pocket money of 400 Euros per month plus Transport card. May be asked to babysit 1-2 times per week.

‘Summer Au Pair’: pocket money of 274 Euros per month.

Benefits also include

  • Host family pre-arranges your language course with a local school (*courses not applicable for summer stays). The course is at own cost.
  • Free room and board (the au pair has his/her own room)
  • Two weeks paid holidays for a stay of 12 months, and one week for a stay of 6 months.
  • National Health Insurance provided by the Host family
  • In the case of Host family incompatibility, you can be placed with an alternate host.


Application Requirements – Applicants must:

  • Have earned a High School diploma or certificate
  • Be of good character and have a clear criminal background,
  • Enjoy working with and have practical experience caring for children

Your Application

To start your adventure, request and complete the application forms. The following forms are required:

  • Completed application
  • At least one childcare and at least one character reference (non-relative)
  • A friendly ‘Dear Family’ letter, giving details about yourself, your family, childcare experiences, hobbies, etc.
  • A doctor’s note indicating that you are fit and well to work abroad
  • School or college diploma & transcript photocopy translated into French (i.e.. by your French teacher or through a translator).
  • Police check (from your local police station)
  • Photos (we suggest photos of, photos of yourself with children and family, doing activitiies/hobbies, etc.).
  • Signed Accord de Placement

Your chosen host family will be curious to learn to about your background and life at home. Please complete your forms as fully as possibly. Your file will be reviewed by potential Host families, and you will have the opportunity to speak with them directly, and the choice to accept or decline any position. Once you have accepted a position, the visa can be arranged between yourself and the host family; the host family will also pre-arrange your language course – This cost will be paid by the au pair. The agency will keep in contact with you throughout the process and assist wherever possible.