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Unlock Your Future in Paradise: Join Us for Hospitality, Tourism, and Hotel Management Adventures in Stunning Mauritius!

Your Tropical Career Adventure Begins: Explore exciting roles in Hospitality, Tourism, and Hotel Management in picturesque Mauritius. Join our select hotels for a rewarding experience in this island paradise. Nestled off the African coast in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius awaits, just a stone’s throw from Madagascar. Immerse yourself in the blend of Mauritian Creole, French, and English, connecting with locals and fellow adventurers. English is the official language, while Mauritian Creole adds a friendly touch to everyday conversations. French graces newspapers and TV, reflecting the island’s diverse culture. Your journey starts here, where work meets paradise.

Scotia Personnel specializes in the referral to per-arranged intern positions in the Mauritius Marketing and Hospitality, Facility, Tourism, Sports, HR, Event and Hotel Management Internship industries.


  • Three (3) to Eleven (11) month internship opportunities are available
  • You will work six (6) days per week
  • If you are interested in these opportunities, you must apply a minimum of four (4) months in advance of your start date.

Application Requirements – Applicants must

  • Be between the ages of 18 and 32 years old;
  • Must hold a Canadian, EU or American passport;
  • Completed application form (Please request)
  • Minimum of two references (preferably in the field of work applied for)
  • Current CV/resume
  • Cover letter
  • Medical note stating you are in good health
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Photos
  • Photocopy of diplomas/certificates
  • Photocopy of your passport