Hiring a Nanny

Finding And Hiring A Nanny For Your Family

Having a nanny in your home means you could enjoy more freedom and flexibility, while your children still receive the attention and care you seek.

Finding And Hiring A Nanny For Your Family

We take pride in providing custom nanny and domestic placement services across Canada, on a live-in or live-out basis.  We place nannies and domestic candidates that are highly qualified to provide expert care for your children, your family, and your home. Over the past 30 plus years we have been dedicated to matching and placing nannies and domestic candidates with the unique needs of each family in mind. We are dedicated to continuing to provide this service to each family with a custom nanny and domestic placement experience. Every nanny or domestic candidate is selected to meet the specific needs of our families. We take the time to understand the needs of each potential candidate and Family that we work with! We can assist with finding you:


  • Full-time Nanny
  • Part-time Nanny
  • Mother’s Helper
  • Summer Nanny
  • Travel Nanny


  • House manager
  • Housekeeper/Nanny

What is a nanny?

A nanny is an individual hired to take care of one or more children in a family household. They are employed usually on a long-term basis. Unlike a babysitter, a nanny is usually not used for a short-term job.

What is the difference between a nanny and an au pair?

Au pairs are typically young people who come from overseas to care for young children. They come on a cultural exchange visa to enter a country legally. Nannies are anyone within your home country who are qualified to take care of children either on a part-time or full-time basis. They are paid according to the country’s employment standards, whereas an au pair in other countries receives a stipend/pocket money from the host family.

What duties does a nanny typically perform?

A nanny’s primary duty is to care for and watch over the children of the family they work for. In addition, they might make meals for the children, do laundry, clean the home, drive children to and from school and other activities, and anything else agreed upon between the nanny and their employer.

 What ages of children do nannies take care of?

Nannies can watch over children who are infants all the way up to teenagers. You’ll want to ensure that the nanny you hire has a history of working with children the same ages that you have!

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