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Scotia Personnel Review – A Parent’s Perspective

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From: mark
Sent: February 20, 2017 1:27 PM
To: Scotia Personnel
Subject: Parent review for kids! (Christina, Samantha and Joshua)

My wife and I were apprehensive when our oldest child announced that he was planning to work in the UK immediately following graduation from college. He was living at home and attending school at the time and the idea of him being out on his own was difficult enough to grasp but to do so 4,000 kilometers away on another continent immediately triggered every paternal and maternal worry we had. He told us not to worry as he wasn’t doing this completely on his own, he had someone helping him with all the details, Scotia Personnel. I immediately googled Scotia Personnel and was somewhat relieved to find out the fact that they have been providing their services for over thirty years, that they have partnerships internationally and they promote the idea that working abroad is an opportunity for personal growth. That word ‘opportunity” stuck a cord with us.
Most of my generation left school and immediately entered the work force. 20 years later a lot of us look back and wonder where the time went and why we were no closer to having such an opportunity for travel and adventure. Tour buses are full of 80 year olds finally fulfilling this dream but twice as many never make it on the bus. Here was the opportunity to turn the tables. Travel while your young, turn inexperience into experience, make your story from the beginning. We were not so apprehensive at this point, in fact we were jealous. We really missed him that first year but looked forward to his weekly Skype calls to share with us what he was experiencing. Yes I mentioned that “first year” because he was having such a great experience he managed to extend his employment another year. Our twin daughters were soon graduating college themselves and both decided to follow in their brothers footsteps and sign up for their own personal experiences working abroad. I would whole heartedly endorse anyone thinking of signing up with Scotia Personnel. I say go for it as you have everything to gain! I believe such work and travel experiences are not a frivolous escape from adulthood but a long term personal investment sure to deliver dividends throughout ones life.

Experiencing all three of our children’s adventures inspired us to travel more as well. At one point this past summer we were on four separate continents texting with one another.