Scotia Personnel Stories

Sharing your #scotiapersonnel stories, useful information for your work experience, & travel tips!

Kendal’s Experience: Teaching in South Korea

  Today, we’re so excited to be speaking with Kendal, who worked with us in South Korea.  Let’s talk about your experience in South Korea.  You’re a Canadian and worked as an English teacher.  It’s an amazing immersion experience, and also very interesting from a...

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Lydia’s Experience: Canadian Cultural Ambassador in China

  This month, we've had the pleasure of interviewing Lydia.  She worked abroad with us for six months in Beijing, China.  Read more to learn about her favourite moments as a Canadian in Beijing, her day-to-day as a cultural ambassador and recommendations for people...

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My Scotia Personnel Story: Isaiah in England

We're very excited to have the opportunity to speak with Isaiah. He's worked with our UK Camp Program for the past two summers, and has enjoyed his experience immensely. What's it like to work with our UK Camps? This Canadian counselor shares his highlights. Have you...

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My Scotia Personnel Story: Marie in Virginia

My name is Marie and I am an au pair in Alexandria, Virginia. I have been in the States now for 5 months and I am thoroughly enjoying my experience. I decided to become an au pair because when I was home in Ontario Canada, I found that I never took time out of my busy...

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Travel: Why is More Important than Where

  Travel is the plan. But where? You spend weeks agonizing over which country to choose for your year or months abroad: imagining yourself in San Francisco - enjoying trams, beautiful waves and second hand shopping. Or...

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My Scotia Personnel Story: Meet Allison

Au Pair in the UK, Allison has been kind enough to share her experience with us today on the blog.  We asked her questions about her host family, day-to-day life in England and general experience working as an au pair.  Here's what she said!    Have you always known...

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