Christina began her adventures as an Au Pair in America, during which time she was welcomed into a fantastic family, made new friends and explored!  Having caught the travel bug, Christina went on to do the Au Pair China program in Shennzhen, a city brimming with culture, food and art.  Take a minute to become immersed in Christina’s Scotia Personnel Story.


Have you always known you wanted to travel?

Since I was a young girl I have always wanted to travel. I would dream about exploring new cities, discovering new landscapes and meeting new people with stories to share.

How did you find Scotia Personnel?

I had some friends and family members that went away with them. All good feedback on their experiences and the company.


What prompted you to do the Au Pair in America program?


Scotia Personnel came into my college class and sold me on working abroad in my field upon graduation. I got in contact with them and learned more about the program and what best suited my skills and ideas in terms of matching with a family.  It seemed like an interesting program.


Tell us about your day-to-day as an Au Pair in America.  Did you feel welcomed by your host family?

Duties included helping children prepare for school, meal prep and after school activities. I always felt welcomed and cared for. It was like extended family.


Who should consider working as an Au Pair in America?

Someone who wants learn about a new culture, travel and meet new people. There is an amazing support system and you learn so much.


After Au Pair in America, you did a second program with us as well.  Why did you decide to go abroad a second time?

I had such a positive experience with my host family, and so many experiences that I wanted to go further and do it all again.


What has been the best part of your experience as an au pair in China?

Living with a Chinese Family, experiencing their day-to-day routines (Chinese culture) / Also experiencing the Chinese New Year traveling with the family.

What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned by living and working abroad?
I’ve learned people are very welcoming and genuinely interested in you. Also, your heart will be filled to its maximum capacity and your head will be filled with new knowledge about people.
Any recommendations for someone visiting China for the first time? (eg. your favourite spot, great food, activities to try etc.)
I would recommend experiencing a Chinese dinner with friends while sharing a hot pot. Shanghai, Shennzhen, Hong Kong, Beijing are all very interesting places to explore.

How did our partner organizations in the U.S. and China help you during your stays?
Amazing support system, with counselors and other au pairs in the same area.


If you were to meet someone considering doing a program with Scotia Personnel but afraid to take the leap, what advice would you give them?
I would say to go for it despite being scared. I would tell them that they will learn so much about the world, and about themselves.

Was there any experience you had during your time abroad with Scotia Personnel that you wouldn’t have had at home in Canada?

Being independent in terms of traveling, experiencing another culture.