We’re very excited to have the opportunity to speak with Isaiah. He’s worked with our UK Camp Program for the past two summers, and has enjoyed his experience immensely. What’s it like to work with our UK Camps? This Canadian counselor shares his highlights.

Have you always known you wanted to travel?
I’ve always wanted to travel for as long as I can remember. It’s just that I never had
a good opportunity

Was there any particular reason why you decided to travel to the UK?
I was fascinated with the history the UK has. When my great grandfather was serving in WWII, he was stationed in London, so I suppose that was part of the reason.

If you were to meet someone considering doing a program with Scotia
Personnel but afraid to take the leap, what advice would you give them?

I would say, “go out and see the world while you’re young, trust me it’s way bigger than
your own backyard”.

What made you choose Scotia Personnel?
I chose Scotia Personnel mainly because they had a lot to offer me as an individual
and they treated me with respect.

Tell us about your day-to- day at the camp. Did you feel welcomed by the
camp, and did you enjoy the environment with the other staff?

Yeah, I absolutely felt welcomed by the camp. At first it seemed like they weren’t 100%
prepared for our arrival, however they did everything they could accommodate us! The
other staff were memorable and really great people.

Who should consider working abroad?
Everyone should consider working abroad, it’s an amazing experience and you’ll meet
a lot of amazing people who you’ll be working with.

Would you consider going abroad again in the future?
Not in the near future. I recently spent my second summer working abroad and
would like to spend at least one summer at home, but hey you never know, I said the exact
same thing last year haha…

What was the best part of your experience at the UK camp?
Friday Fun Days were awesome. One Friday we were all playing bubble soccer and I sent my
boss flying across the field. It was quite memorable haha

What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned by living and working

Be a team player, take a friend’s shift cause you never know when you’ll need a shift
covered…also learn about the area cause it’s good to know where to go on your days

Any recommendations for someone visiting the UK for the first time? (ie.
your favourite spot, great food, activities to try etc.)

See London, visit all the places and pay extra to skip the long lines, ride the buses, go
to the Wild Food Cafe.

How did our partner organization in the UK help you during your stay?
Like I mentioned above, they were under prepared for us during orientation, but things
got a lot more organized when we arrived to the camps where we would be working

Was there any experience you had during your time abroad with Scotia
Personnel that you wouldn’t have had at home in Canada?

Pretty much my whole experience, I made a lot of amazing friends, got to visit
France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium(briefly) and obviously the UK