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Hospitality in the UK: Josh’s UK Hospitality Experience

From: josh
To: Scotia Personnel
Subject: My Experience In England

My Experience In England

My trip to England through Scotia Personnel was an incredible experience! The work was hard, but the reward of creating fine dining level cooking along with the satisfaction of the guests made it all worthwhile. Every day I was learning- from making ice cream to preparing animals straight from the hunters to the plate. In my year of working there I also had time to travel through Europe, making amazing friends and sharing experiences I will remember forever. At first leaving home was hard, but being out of your comfort zone is what becoming a chef is all about. Taking risks and accepting the failures but also reaping the rewards of success. The things you can learn out of your bubble will amaze you and push you one step closer to the dream we all dream; being that chef and Scotia Personnel gave me that chance!

Josh V.