Hospitality in the UK: Whitney’s UK Hospitality Experience

From: Whitney M

To: Scotia Personnel
Subject: Review

I left Canada for Oxford, United Kingdom in September 2014 right after graduating from the Hospitality Management – Hotel and Restaurant program from Algonquin College.I moved to England in 2014 for a one-year contract with a hotel as a Food and Beverage Assistant and ended up staying 2.5 more years because I loved it so much.

I was able to travel to 15+ countries in Europe while working in England. Every month I would travel somewhere different and was able to submerse myself into the cultures. Being able to take a 2-hour flight in any direction and land somewhere beautiful in Europe is incredible.

After one year of being in England I met a European man named Lorenzo. Had I not moved overseas with Scotia Personnel I would have never met my now husband and my incredible life long friends. Who doesn’t want to meet people from all over the world and be able to travel with them? Why wouldn’t you want to meet someone who could potentially be your husband or wife?

I eventually left the hotel and city I was placed in and moved to another hotel with the same company in Surrey where I worked for a year as Front of House Manager and again met more friends, travelled more and took in the culture. After I left this hotel I moved to Austria, where I ran a ski chalet for the winter season.

If you asked me on the flight to England in September 2014 if I would end up staying a total of 3 years and working not only in England but also in Austria I would have told you “No way, my life isn’t that cool” and when I was finally on the plane back to Canada after an incredible 3 years, I was able to sit back as a newly married women with my husband beside me and just smile and think how cool my life was and how it was all made possible through Scotia Personnel.

I could talk for days about my experience with Scotia Personnel but I think the best way to describe it would be; the most life changing, epic, adventurous experience I have ever had in my life. An experience where I was able to make life long friends and a life long partner and I cannot thank Scotia Personnel & Marilyn enough.