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Empowering Seniors with Compassionate In-Home Care! Opportunities in Canada and the United Kingdom

Our dedicated mission at Scotia Personnel Ltd. is to provide unwavering support to seniors within the comfort of their own homes. Our comprehensive range of services and duties encompasses a holistic approach, catering to every aspect of well-being.

Companionship: We understand that loneliness can cast a shadow on a senior’s life, leading to feelings of depression and sadness. Our aim is to brighten these lives through the companionship of our homecare providers. By fostering genuine connections and meaningful interactions, we seek to reverse the effects of loneliness and create an environment of joy and fulfillment.

Personal Assistance and Care: We recognize the importance of maintaining independence for seniors. Yet, some days may bring challenges in completing daily tasks such as meal preparation, cooking, bathing, and personal care. Our compassionate homecare providers step in as reliable partners, offering respectful and professional assistance. Through their dedicated support, we empower seniors to continue enjoying life on their terms, while ensuring their comfort and safety.

With Scotia Personnel Ltd., seniors not only receive care but also experience genuine companionship and an unwavering commitment to their well-being. We’re here to make every day brighter and more manageable, allowing seniors to thrive in the familiar embrace of their own home

Homecare Worker positions are available in Surrey, United Kingdom (located approx. 30 miles SW of London)

This is an exciting opportunity to travel and work in the UK. In the homecare field, each client has different needs and abilities that must be respected, with a goal of preserving independence for as long as possible.


  •  You will work approximately 40 hours per week.
  • Expect earnings of approximately $3100 CDN per month.
  • Vehicle for work and personal use provided.

Main function of the job

  • To care for seniors in their own home.
  • Range of services/duties can include:
    • Companionship – loneliness is one of the leading causes of depression and sadness in seniors and the aim is to reverse the effects of loneliness with a companion homecare provider.
    • Personal Assistance and Care – we know how important it is for seniors to maintain their sense of independence. On certain days, handling day-to-day tasks such as meal preps, cooking, bathing, and personal care, can be challenging and a homecare provider can help!

Why use an Agency?

  • fair compensation for hours worked
  • access to positions that aren’t posted publicly
  • personal attention and support
  • you are paid by the family, we don’t take a cut of your salary
  • long-term job success
  • we are your advocate
  • we convey your needs

 We have fantastic Homecare positions available throughout Canada and in the United Kingdom, so we can help you work anywhere and whenever you want. To get things started, please contact us for a friendly talk with one of our representatives.